Government Bans Carrying E-Cigarettes in Airline Checked-in Bags

Government Bans Carrying E-Cigarettes in Airline  Checked-in BagsE-cigarette users pay attention! A new federal regulation say airline passengers will not be allowed to pack electronic cigarettes or any other electronic smoking devices that run on battery, in their checked in bags. The move is to avert fire in flights.

However, there is some relief for the users as they can passengers can carry e-cigarettes in carry-on bags without recharging the smoking devices while travelling on the plane.

According to the Department of Transportation at least twenty six incidents have been noted since 2009, where an e-cigarette caused in-flight fires or explosions. In several of the instances, the devices were packed inside the luggage. These mainly happened either when the devices were accidentally left on or there was a short circuit in the battery.

In January, in an incident at Los Angeles International Airport, a checked bag which arrived late and by chance missed its connecting flight caused a fire in the luggage area as there was an overheated e-cigarette packed inside it.

According to DOT, the rule was devised by the Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration and will come into effect in the coming two weeks.