Four Day Strike by Airport Workers in Chile Ended on Sunday

Christmas holiday times are the busiest at the airports and that's when Airport workers in Chile went on a four day strike. The reasons were tied to pension demands and forced airlines to cancel huge number of flights which obviously in turn caused inconvenience to travelers as well angered them.

The Defense Minister of Chile said, terms of agreement were reached between the government and workers on Sunday which helped in ending the strike. The negotiators for the union asked the workers to join their duties as both sides agreed to resume talks. However, the four day long strike left thousands of passengers stranded causing massive inconvenience and chaos at the airports.

The biggest in Chile and in Latin America, LATAM Airlines Group, mentioned on its website that Santiago International which is a major hub for air travel in South America reported delays on all flights.

Some of the key airports such as in Iquique and Antofagasta in far northern Chile remained closed altogether. The hardest to be hit was Easter Island and Balmaceda. Both these places are only accessible by air which causes more inconvenience for the travelers. Officials said, the Air Force had started its own flights to both of these locations.