FAA’s Drone Registration Might be Great but is the Program Legal Argues Drone Attorneys

FAA’s Drone Registration Might be Great but is the Program Legal Argues Drone AttorneysLast week the FAA officials said to the state and local authorities only the federal government has the right to regulate drones or the remote-controlled aircrafts which are fast gaining popularity.

This week, the Pima County restated a ban on flying drones in public parks. It's a policy which they later said is not a violation of the federal regulations.

Last Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration released a statement which addressed the local regulation of drones and model planes stating that the Congress has given it the sole authority for regulating aircraft of all types.

The fact sheet from the FAA's Office of the Chief Counsel said, "Substantial air safety issues are raised when state or local governments attempt to regulate the operation or flight of aircraft."

It took the FAA only a couple of months to launch the program since it planned to set up a drone registration program via an online portal.

However, there are question about its legality. There have been unanswered questions about enforcement and practicality since October when an initial announcement was made in October.

Now, some aviation attorneys argue that the complete registration process is based on legal grounds that are faulty. They highlight the larger dilemma which the government agencies face while making an effort to keep pace with growing pace of new technologies.

While some of them believe that the idea of registration is great but Florida-based drone attorney Jonathan Rupprecht says "The FAA is short-circuiting the entire regulatory process."