New Jersey Files Lawsuit against VW over Diesel Vehicle Emission Fraud

New Jersey Files Lawsuit against VW over Diesel Vehicle Emission FraudNew Jersey has joined Texas, New Mexico and West Virginia, filing a lawsuit against Volkswagen, the German carmaker for using misleading software that allowed its VW, Porsche and Audi diesel powered vehicles to avert permitted pollution levels. The models concerned were portrayed as low-emission vehicles when they were really not made that way.

Along with the separate state lawsuits, VW faces a federal complaint seeking billions of dollars in damages. The number of individual as well as class action suits is also increasing.

The lawsuit filed by the state says, "For the past decade Volkswagen engaged in one of the largest frauds in the history of the automobile industry."

John J. Hoffman , acting Attorney General said, "Our lawsuit alleges that Volkswagen put profit ahead of honesty, integrity, fair business practices and - most disturbing of all - the well-being of people living and breathing the air here in New Jersey and across the country."

According to Volkswagen, now its main concern is to figure out the way it should organize a recall and fix the affected vehicles, so that it satisfies the regulators.

As per the present estimations, Volkswagen sold about 580,000 vehicles that were equipped with the concerned software in the US. Almost 17,420 of those vehicles were sold in New Jersey.