U.N’s ICAO Agrees to New Aircraft Emission Standards for Reducing CO2 Emissions

ICAOOn Monday, United Nations', International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), agreed to set the first emissions reduction standards for all commercial aircrafts which will come into effect for all new models over four years. However, according to environmental groups, the standards set for carbon dioxide reductions are not enough.

The agency which is in charge of supervising commercial air travel worldwide issued the new efficiency standards on Monday which still needs final approval, pending later in the year. According to a White House statement, if it comes into effect, it will cut down carbon emissions by 650 million tons in a twenty year period between 2020 and 2040.

Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, president of ICAO's governing body said, "The goal of this process is ultimately to ensure that when the next generation of aircraft types enter service, there will be guaranteed reductions in international CO2 emissions."

The new standards, set ICAO are most strict for the big aircrafts which are operated by the commercial airlines. Reportedly, the task for the manufacturers will be to lessen emissions by one third for the aircrafts coming under that category for productions that start in 2023. The new standards will be relevant for new designs that are released starting from 2020.