Doctors took 18 months to detect rare cancer causing kid to lose sight

Doctors took 18 months to detect rare cancer causing kid to lose sightAn aggrieved mother has revealed that her toddler daughter has lost eyesight in one eye as doctors took 18 months to diagnosea rare form of cancer.

Stephanie Beasley, who is from Tamworth, first alerted the doctors about her daughter's eyesight when she was just nine months old. However, the doctors were able to find that she had a tumour in the eye only when she was aged two. She said doctors have told her that she was probably blind in one eye for a year but the family did not realise the same as she was so young.

She said, "Ezmai had a lazy eye and we spoke to a health visitor and then took her to the pre-school vision team but they told me to come back in six months. I kept taking her but they couldn't find anything wrong. My instincts told me there was something wrong with Ezmai but I felt no-one believed me and that I was going mad. We eventually got referred to Birmingham Children's Hospital and it was there that we were told Ezmai had a tumour in her eye.

Ms Beasley is now part of a campaign by the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust aimed at faster diagnosis for retinoblastoma, which is a rare form of cancer. The trust said that 21 per cent of children with retinoblastoma usually wait six months or longer for a diagnosis. Data showed that about 50 to 60 children are diagnosed each year in the UK. Experts said that all survive but some lose their eyes to the cancer.

The girl received lifesaving surgery to remove her eye in October in the previous year and now uses as artificial eye.