DARPA Unveils Its Revolutionary New VTOL X-Plane LightningStrike

DARPA Unveils Its Revolutionary New VTOL X-Plane LightningStrikeDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Unveiled its VTOL X-plane initiative that offers a totally mind blowing concoction of innovative technologies. The aircraft has been designed is such a way that it could solve some of the persistent limitations including vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. It also looks so different that it appears to be from another world.

The aircraft takes off vertically with the help of its more than twenty fans, soars high and changing directions fast. For boosting its power it uses generators efficiently. It can fly up to 460 mph which is a greater speed than the MV-22 Osprey, a rotary aircraft that the U. S. military boasts of being faster than the conventional helicopters.

Dubbed LightningStrike, the DARPA unveiled a video showing exactly how the aircraft might someday be used in combat.

On Thursday, John Langford, chairman and chief executive officer of Aurora said "If successful, VTOL X-Plane's radically improved flight capabilities could lead to revolutionary advancement in the U. S. military's future mission capabilities. We're honored to have been selected by DARPA to build and flight test the demonstrator aircraft."