Virgin America’s First San Francisco -Denver Direct Flight Flew with Richard Branson on board on Tuesday

Virgin America which has earned the top rank as an U. S. airline for three consecutive years landed its first direct flight at the Denver International Airport from San Francisco with Richard Branson, Virgin Group's founder on board.

The flight is a part of an expansion plan to bridge the West Coast with the Rocky Mountains. On Tuesday, with its inaugural flight, the airline announced three nonstop flights daily between the two cities.

Michael Hancock, Denver's Mayor joined Richard Branson at the airport for the announcement. Branson said, "I haven't missed an inaugural flight on Virgin America since day one. Definitely wasn't going to miss Denver. We're going to go to a state that has sensible liberal, rational policies where we can all have a lot of fun and not be dragged off by the police."

Branson, who is a self made billionaire has net worth of $5.1 billion and was ranked No. 286 on Forbes world billionaire's list. He is well known for his entrepreneurial spirit, carefree and jovial personality.

According to him, he has launched about four hundred businesses within the Virgin empire. Partly funded by Paul Allen, Microsoft's co-founder, the company launched Virgin Galactic in 2004, its space tourism company.