Harsh Winter Further Declines the Figure of Honeybee in UK

HoneybeeA 20% increase in BBKA membership has dialed back the historic decline in apiarists ever since the Second World War.

Honeybee numbers in the United Kingdom saw a drop again throughout winters, although the rate of decline seems to have slowed minutely regardless of the harsh winter.

In a hopeful note, the figure of hives has increased by two times in three years to an anticipated 80,000, as per the British Beekeepers Association, which released the review of winter honeybee losses.

On a standard basis, beekeepers lost 17% of their colonies in 2009-10, as contrasted with 19% in the preceding year and 30% throughout the winter of 2007-08. There are now an anticipated 48 billion bees in the UK.

The review revealed distinct regional disparities. Beekeepers in the north of England lost no less than a quarter of their honeybee colonies, whilst the south-west recorded the lowest losses, which is 12.8% of colonies between November 2009 and March 2010.

Martin Smith, the President of the BBKA, stated that this year's losses depicted a tiny and heartening enhancement on the preceding year and are much better than the ruinous losses of three years back

Winter losses somewhere between 7-10% are satisfactory.