Chemical Fire Alerts Town

chemical-fireThe fire was brought controlled after nearly 120 firefighters spent the whole night trying to tackle blaze in the Linthwaite area of the West Yorkshire town.

But populace residing in the close by areas has been cautioned to stay indoors and contact medical services if they at anytime feel unwell.

Six schools will remain closed for the day after the alert was forwarded, but others that were affected were being reopened late in the morning, Kirklees Council informed.

West Yorkshire Fire Service stated that more than 30 piece of equipments from across the area had been called to manage with the fire at Grosvenor Chemicals.

She said that foam was brought in usage to prevent the spread of fire and the fire is at present under control because of the hard work put in by firefighters and an efficient multi agency response.

To be on the safer side, people in the south Huddersfield are recommended to stay inside their houses.

If any person faces any kind of concern, then should contact their GP or NHS Direct to seek help.

If you feel that you are finding problem in breathing, you should call for an ambulance immediately.

The cause of the fire has yet not been able to be established by the authorities.