Woman regrets refusing whooping cough Vaccine for daughter
Woman regrets refusing whooping cough Vaccine for daughter

A woman in Australia has expressed regret on her decision to refuse a vaccine for treating whooping cough that was prescribed to her daughter.

She posted an emotional message about vaccinationsin a video on social networking site, Facebook on Monday. The video has since gone viral gathering a lot attention online from different parts of the country and other counties. Mother Cormit Avital, who is from Queensland in Australia, said that she felt the need to share her story after her own daughter contracted the whooping coughin utero. She said that the doctors had advised to administer the whooping cough vaccination to her in 2008 but she had refused it then as she believed in her organic lifestyle.

Avital said in the video that, "Being the healthy, fit organic woman that I am, I said, 'Leave me alone, I don't need this crap." The video was posted online on Facebook by Gold Coast Health, a company that provides care in hospital and community settings across the Gold Coast region in Queensland. She was shocked to find out that she contracted whooping cough herself during her pregnancy.

She recovered from the cough rather quickly but her daughter, Eva continued to struggle. The mother described in the video that it was troubling to watch her only child struggle with the whooping cough. She sometimes turned blue and couldn't breathe so the mother had to take her to the hospital several times between days.

Avital said in the video. "It's just so hard to watch - your little baby, just a tiny little thing. They go red, from red they go blue sometimes they go a bit black and for a moment you think they're dead in your hands. They flop. A lot of suffering for a little tiny little cute thing you love so much. She's my only child, and my first, and if I could turn back time, I would have protected myself, so that's my message."