CWU Ready for Battle Regarding Privatization

Royal-MailThe Royal Mail’s future is again being discussed following the alarms raised by the postal workers who say they will go on for some industrial action if Government sticks to its plans of selling a stake in the business.

For privatization plans, the Communication Workers Union has decided to combine with the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition.

According to the union, a Bill on selling a stake in the Royal Mail will surely be introduced in Queen's Speech. The union has warned that if launched, it will not be backed by the public.

It was decided in a meeting of delegates at the annual conference of the union held in Bournemouth that it will not support "discredited" policy put forth by the previous government and will go for the campaign that will be completely “publicly-owned Royal Mail”.

Last year also, the union took up a campaign last year which resulted in Labour Government canceling the plans to part-privatise the Royal Mail.

The Deputy General Secretary of the union, Dave Ward stated that for saving the pensions and jobs of the members, and to defeat privatization, even if an industrial action will be needed, the union will go for it without any second thought.

Dave declared that this was a battle for the future of the industry and that CWU is ready for it.