Skipping medication by diabetic patients pose risks, study

Skipping medication by diabetic patients pose risks, studyAccording to a new study in the United Arab Emirates, around half of the people with diabetes may be avoiding taking medication due to several reasons and this is posing risks to their wellbeing.

The study found that half of the people are avoiding medication because their treatment programme is too complex or they are concerned about the side effects such as weight gain. Doctors in the country said that around half of their patients are not able to control thecondition because they could not properly manage treatment. Doctors complained that some people avoid medication and some stop taking them altogether. They called for better strategies and more effective drugs to help patients who felt overburdened or confused with the treatment.

Experts said that if not controlled, diabetes can cause risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, chronic kidney failure, foot ulcers and blindness. Data showed that there are 415 million diabetics in the world including 35.4 million are in the Mena region. Around 14.6 per cent of the adult population in the country has the condition, which ismore than a million cases in 2015.

The study was conducted by pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca UAE in the previous year and involved 200 doctors with diabetic patients.