Fiber cuts disrupts Time Warner Cable, Cox services in Northeast states

Multiple fiber cuts at a network provider caused service disruptions for several customers of Time Warner Cable and Cox in North-eastern states in the United States.

The service outage affected customers in a number of places including the New York City area, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Users starting complaining about the outage at around 2:45 pmEastern Time and continued to complain after several hours.

Time Warner Cable (TWC) said in a statement that multiple fiber cuts at one of its network providers had caused the service disruption. Level 3, a company that provides infrastructure and wiring for cable companies, has said that it is experiencing network problems. D. Nikki Wheeler, a spokeswoman for Level 3 Communications, said that its network is affected by fiber cut caused by third-party construction in the Northeastern United States.

The Colorado-based Level 3 provides services to Time Warner Cable and Cox but it is not clear if other partners of the company in the area were affected by the disruption. The company said that service had been restored to all New York City customers by 9 p. m. TWC or Cox did not say how many customer were affected by the disruption.