Google might launch new VR headset during I/O conference

Car sales records increase in Europe in AprilGoogle might launch new VR headset during I/O conferenceGoogle might launch new VR headset during I/O conferenceInternet giant, Google might be planning to launch its new Android-powered VR headset during its upcoming I/O conference next week.

There are strong indications that the company will use the event to launch rumored stand-alone headset that does not require phone or PC. The device might work like Samsung's Gear VR but will support a range of smartphones.

The latest rumors relating to the device are in line with an earlier report that Google will release a standalone headset. The company might use motion-tracking cameras powered by Movidius, which worked with google on the Project Tango smartphone. Some also indicate that the company might be planning to launch two versions of the device. One will be standalone device while other will require a smartphone but with support for multiple brands.

Google uses that annual I/O software developer to launch its new offerings to the market like Google TV, Android Pay, Google Music, Google Photos, Google Now. This year, Google has said that it has a few surprises to come and one of the launch might be related to apps that uses built-in support for pressure-sensitive screens. The company might also launch the use of its 3D mapping technology at the event.