Customers opting social networks for complaints

Customers in the digital age are increasing option for social media platforms to register their complaints against companies.

Trends showed that customers used social networks like Facebook feed or Twitter timeline to express dissatisfaction or anger over products or services purchased by them. Some are also increasing opting for the sites to simply ask questions from the company directly. It is not uncommon to find someone on social media posting comments to express dissatisfaction over a product or a service purchased recently.

Most companies now maintain a media team including some dedicated to interacting with the customers on the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and other channels. Experts said that instead of simply posting rants on social media, customers must consider getting connected to the correct company page and staying calm and patient.


This allows customer service associates to resolve issues in an easier and faster manner. They are also advised to finish the conversation by thanking the associate on social media if the problem has been resolved as it will show to other customer that companies can be reached on the platform and issues may be resolved.