Experts say UAE business must adopt IT systems

Global Information technology experts have said that the businesses in the United Arab Emirates should adopt advanced information management systems for maintaining their competitive advantage in the global market.

Experts have said that business in the country should establish modern data centres that will allow more efficiency.IT solutions provider EMC said that such data centres will allow the companies to launch new products to market four times quicker, increase number of apps by four times and reduce downtime by 96 per cent.

A recent survey by EMC showed that more than half of business leaders or around 52 per cent are experiencing 'digital disruption', or digital transformation of their industries and also found that 66 per cent are planning to vest in IT infrastructure and digital skills. It also found that 80 per cent of global chief information officers have agreed that advanced IT infrastructure reduces risk and complexity and also supports future growth of the organisations.

The demand for the company's line of all-flash storage such as EMC Unity and other similar products have been increasing around the world due to this transformation and experts say that the market is generally shifting towards that direction around the world.