UAE releases Libyan-Canadian man acquitted of aiding militants

A Canadian national of Libyan origin has been released from a prison in Abu Dhabiaftera period of two years.

The man named, Salim Alaradiwas acquitted of aiding militants and accused of providing supplies to groups in a foreign country without permission of the U. A. E. government and also collecting donations without the government's permission in the country. The man as well as two Libyan-American businessmen, Kamal Eldarat and his son Mohamed were charged with acquitted of aiding militants but were clared by the by a UAE security court on Monday.

Salim Alaradi's family said that he could leave the country as soon as Wednesday. Alaradi, who is 48 years old, was not guilty in the case on Monday but he wasn't immediately released and his family had appealed to the Canadian authorities to help bring him safely back home. Alaradi's family said that their Lawyer in the UAE was informed around 10 p. m. local time on Tuesday that the man can be picked up from the Abu Dhabi prison

Alaradi will spend the night with his lawyer and is planning to leave the country on Wednesday. He is likely to be accompanies by Canadian officials to the airport. Alaradi's Canadian lawyer said that the man will travel to Istanbul where he will meet his family and receive immediate medical treatment. Once he is healthy enough, the family will return to their home in Windsor, Ontario in Canada.