Abu Dhabi’s private hospitals record improvements
Abu Dhabi’s private hospitals record improvements

Experts have said that the healthcare infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates have been improving recent years and private hospitals in the capital, Abu Dhabi like the Burjeel Hospital are driving this growth with new equipment and international talent.

Burjeel Hospital began its operations in 2012 and has since emerged as Abu Dhabi's largest private tertiary hospital. Clancey Po, the chief executive at Burjeel Hospital, said that improving medical facilities means that there is less likelihood of UAE residents travelling abroad for treatment.

Experts have said that the health sector is recording major growth in the country. Local hospitals have been roping in international talent and are investing in newest medical technological machines in order to offer the best medical care within the country. This is convincing more residents to seek treatment in local hospitals instead of travelling abroad.

Clancey Po said that that, "Travelling aboard for medical treatment can be a daunting experience. There are changes in culture, language, diet, cost and other factors which might cause issues."

The authorities in the UAE are aiming to make the UAE a medical hub with emphasis on stringent standards and world-class technology. The hospitals in the region are internationally accredited in order to make sure that medical tourists receive medical treatment of international standards or even of a better standard.