Ahmad Al Menhali returns to hospital suffering from chest pains

Ahmad Al Menhali, a UAE national who was wrongfully arrested in the lobby of the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Avon in Ohioin the US on suspicion of being a terrorist, has returned to the hospital after suffering form chest pains.

Al Menhali, who is a businessman from Abu Dhabi, was hospitalised following is arrest by armed police after concerns that he is suffering a stroke and he has not returned to the hospital after suffering chest pains. He underwent an open heart surgery in February, which restricts him from lifting heavy objects or putting stress on his chest.

Al Menhaliwas detained in the city of Avon in Ohio while he was wearing traditional robes.Mayor of the city of Avon, Ohio, Bryan Jensen said that two emergency calls were made by relatives of a female clerk at the hotel, who was wary of his appearance. The callers told the police that the person was carrying several phones and had also pledged allegiance to IS. He was arrested after allegations that he carried several phones and pledged allegiance to the so-called Islamic State (IS) militant group.

Al Menhali said, "When I was arbitrarily arrested and the police pinned me on the floor, I felt an incredible amount of pain that I think is related to my heart surgery. Doctors are doing some tests now and I hope that things will be OK."