Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’ a Good Source of Revenue and Gauge for Yearly Demand

Next week, will have its second-ever Prime Day and the e-commerce giant's big day might not be only aimed at generating only large revenue.

 In summer months sales are typically slow and an annual sale like 'Prime Day' surely perks up the sales numbers. Additionally, it might also allow Amazon to gauge how is the traffic for the rest of the year going to be. Such kind of big sale attracts more third party sellers to join Amazon which is also a driver of sales as that attracts more number of customers to its site.

Last year the Prime Day added $400 million to Amazon's revenue and this time tings are expected to be even better, not only in terms of earnings but also deals offered by the e-commerce company. It could be one of the largest single-day sales in Amazon's history so far.

For Amazon, the 'Prime Day' is a great way to test not only the customer demand, but also allows the company to check its ability of fulfilling order delivery well in advance of the bust shopping season in winter.

As reported, last year, 34 million items were ordered on Amazon which comes close to 398 per second, which was a new record for the e-commerce company.