Pokemon Go attracts games in UAE

Gaming industry experts have said that the Pokemon Go has attracted a number of games in the United Arab Emirates even as the game hasn't been officially launched in the country.

The game is reminding many of their childhood days and nostalgia of older games. Many people grew up with Gameboys, they watched Pokemon: The Series, collected and traded cards and liked Ash Ketchum. The game brings back all those memories and allows users to catch them in the real life.

Even as the game has not been launched in the country, games have found ways to download it on both iOS and Android devices. Games said that the game does a good job bringing the Pokemonto the real world. The widespread appeal of the game lies in its interactive nature.

Players around the world have increasingly accepted the game and walking into poles, crashing with something while playing the game has been reported form several countries. The games is increasingly becoming popular around the world and winning new games in various countries. People say that the game forces people to move around and not just sit at a place but on the other hand, games say that they are wasting a lot of time on the game.