Kemper County’s Mississippi Power Energy Facility Started Syngas Production
Kemper County’s Mississippi Power Energy Facility Started Syngas Production

Mississippi Power started producing syngas at the Kemper County energy facility. Syngas is produced using lignite coal. This is the most significant milestone for the plant's history.

Syngas is produced when lignite is heated at high temperatures in the Kemper plant's gasifiers which convert coal to gas.

When the plant reaches its full operational capacity, it is designed to capture products t from syngas that are marketable.  An example is carbon dioxide, which could be possibly used for enhancing oil recovery. It's a process through which carbon di-oixide is permanently injected into the ground for extracting fuel from depleted oil fields.

The facility is designed to capture at least 65 percent of carbon dioxide, with resulting emissions better than a similarly sized natural gas plant.

It's a noteworthy event as production of syngas in a successful scale shows the feasibility of the Transport Integrated Gasification (TRIG) technology. For the first time, it is being used at commercial scale in the facility and later will be combined along with other major to produce power.

Mississippi Power President and CEO Anthony Wilson said, "This is a major achievement for the Kemper project, and I am very proud of everyone who has worked safely and tirelessly to overcome challenges and reach this important point."