UAE’s Zero.1 to offer new management system to healthcare players

Zero.1, a leading Light Fidelity (LiFi) Company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is planning to offer its new revolutionary management system for the healthcare sector called HEALTHCARE4U in the country.

The company is completing work on the management system that will be offered in the rapidly growing UAE healthcare market. The country's healthcare market is expected to reach $19.5 billion by 2020 recording a growth rate of
12.7 per cent. The Alpen Capital's GCC Healthcare Industry report 2016 showed that the growth rate is higher than the GCC growth average.

Experts said that the LiFi technology is a wireless optical networking technology based on LEDsfor data transmission. The system uses a beacon installed in an LED light that is modulated by the LiFi chipfor optical data transmission.

Marc Fleschen, Zero.1 CEO, says, "LiFi is particularly suitable for sensitive environments such as clinics and hospitals. Other wireless technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth rely on radio frequency whereas LiFi does not. In such environments, LiFi provides a safer, faster and more efficient solution for many aspects of hospital management. Those involved in hospital development must consider the role LiFi will play in tomorrow's health care centres."