1500 Pairs of Shoes Lined up to Honor Road Toll Victims

1500 Pairs of Shoes Lined up to Honor Road Toll VictimsThe lives of 1500 Australians that are lost on the roads every year has been honored with the lineup of 1500 shoes.

In the centre of Melbourne on Friday, 1500 pairs of shoes were lined up in Federation Square, with empty shoes affairs also taking place in Brisbane's Reddacliff Place and Townsville's Strand Park.

The event has been named as Fatality Free Friday with initiator and author, Russell White urging Australians to vow to be cautious while they are on the roads.

Mr. White said that it was remarkable and moving display that will assist in bringing the humanity back to the numbers that are heard time and again. This was the fourth year of the movement.

The movement proved to be a success in the previous year and it takes the least time to start the momentum.

The aim is to make people aware of the necessity that they need to be really careful while they are on road.