Walmart Opens Shelves to Weather Damaged ‘Ugly’ Fruits in an Effort to Curb Food Wastage

Walmart, the largest grocer in the world is testing a pilot program in an effort to reduce the estimated wastage of 133 billion pounds of food worth about $29 billion every year in America.

It is selling weather-dented apples in 300 Florida stores at a discounted price. Although, these fruits may not look too pretty but do not differ in taste or flavor. Mainly damaged by severe storms or a stretch of hot spell or other weather related irregularities, these fruits get damaged externally, which makes them off limits from most of the grocers' shelves.

The move by Walmart comes at a time when pressure by activists who aim at stopping wasteful practices at the grocer are active in voicing their concern with close to 150,000 signatures collected on a petition which calls the retailer to limit food wastage.

'I'm Perfect, which is a brand of imperfect apples from Washington state will be the first to hit the shelves in Florida this week. The company said, gradually, these fruits will be available in twelve different varieties from Granny Smith to Red Delicious.

It might be just a beautiful beginning to save the so called 'ugly' fruits. Late in April, Walmart started selling 'Spuglies' or weather-damaged potatoes at Texas stores.