Ralph Nader Inducted into Automotive Hall of Fame

On Thursday, Ralph Nader, the renowned political activist and author whose main areas of concern include consumer protection, while being inducted to the Automotive Hall of Fame, was still not all praises about the auto industry.

Nader's book in 1965, "Unsafe at Any Speed" is considered to be among twentieth century's most important pieces of public advocacy journalism.

He said, some of the defenses which the auto industry has designed to be implemented for greater vehicle safety were "verged on tragic hilarity." Along with that, he called the present day automobile "essentially a super computer on wheels" which is increasingly equipped for the purpose of entertainment and office work and the drivers are slowly losing control.

Nader said that with the modern designs as software codes progress and take up the front seat in modern car and truck designs, they also open doors for added threats and susceptibility to cyber security and to calculated abuse by auto manufacturers.

The ceremony in Detroit where Nader was inducted to the Hall of Fame was also included, ex- Ford Motor CEO Alan Mulally; Bertha Benz (1849-1944), the late wife Carl Benz and the first female automotive pioneer to be inducted into the Hall of Fame; and Roy C. Lunn, a well known name in the auto industry who has contributed to many of the historically important cars like Ford GT40.