Most UAE residents unaware about healthcare insurance costs

According to a new survey, a majority of the residents of the United ArabEmirates indicated that they are unaware of their healthcare insurance costs.

The research conducted by YouGov in April showed that 84 per cent of the respondents underestimate the country's high level of medical inflation. It also found that 51 per cent of the people living in the country are unaware about the cost of their health insurance.

The high level of medical inflation is a major cause of concern for employers as it accounts for a large portion of the total cost of employment. Data showed that medical inflation was 9.5 per cent in 2015 in the UAE. Industry experts said that it means that a policy costing Dh1 million in 2010 rose toDh1.6 million in2015 significantly boosting costs to the employers.

Most employers in the country pay for health insurance directly while individuals can chose which doctors, clinics and hospitals to use in most plans and sometimes they have to choose from a list provided by the insurers.  Even after high costs of insurance, few individuals have access to medical advice on which healthcare provider to use or which doctor to visit. Individuals are advised to look for independent, medically-qualified information while choosing quality healthcare.