New York’s Public Service Commission Approves Clean Energy Plan
New York’s Public Service Commission Approves Clean Energy Plan

Governor Andrew Cuomo's ambition to see New York as a national leader in cutting down pollution from power generation, gets a new push. On Monday, the state's Public Service Commission approved and passed a new set of standards which aims at ensuring that at least half of New York's energy comes from renewable sources by 2030. That includes sources like solar, wind and also hydro plants. In those, some amount of energy can be also counted in from off-shore winds along the coasts and geothermal power.

Audrey Zibelman , New York's PSC Chairwoman said before the vote which turned out as 3-0. "The commission's primary interest is to see that renewables get built in New York." She added, "I think this is a pragmatic approach."

Environmental groups praised the mandate which focuses on power generators from renewable sources, improving green standards. They say, it will help in putting the state in the forefront of the nation's clean energy movement.

However, every plan has it's lop side and this one too is not free from controversies which circles around subsidies to nuclear power plants to make sure that they remain open with their main competition coming from cheaper natural gas plants.

Nuclear plants do not emit carbon and thus are not considered as contributors to global warming. However, due to the low price of gas in recent times, the nuclear plant operators are seeking subsidy to remain in business.