T-Mobile believes its wireless coverage will match Verizon’s coverage in next one year

During the course of an exclusive interview on Thursday, Neville Ray - the Chief Technology Officer of T-Mobile - said that, within the next one year, the wireless coverage of T-Mobile will be able to match the industry-leading wireless coverage offered by Verizon.

The statement by Ray has come against the backdrop of the fact that T-Mobile's LTE network currently covers approximately 311 million people - in theoretical terms, not the actual number of subscribers - whereas Verizon's LTE coverage is available to a few more million people.  

With regard to the gap between the LTE coverage offered by T-Mobile and Verizon, Ray said in the interview that T-Mobile has plans underway to "materially close the gap by the end of the year."

T-Mobile is apparently optimistic about matching Verizon's LTE coverage in the next 12-month period because T-Mobile's wireless network has been found to be the fastest wireless network by testing firms OpenSignal and Ookla.

In fact, according to a disclosure by OpenSignal, T-Mobile has beaten AT&T so far as network availability is concerned, and is now close behind Verizon.