Niantic updates Pokemon Go to version 1.3; brings several improvements

In a Monday announcement, Niantic Labs said that it has updated its Pokemon Go smartphone game to version 1.3, introducing a number of notable improvements, tweaks and fixes to the July-launched game.

The most significant addition which Niantic has made to the Pokemon Go game in the updated version is that in-app dialogue option has been introduced, to remind gamers -- who may be playing the game while driving -- not to play the game when they are driving their vehicle at a high speed.

The addition of the in-app dialogue option to Pokemon Go is apparently a result of the fact that the game - which has witnessed phenomenal response ever since its launch last month - has spawned a new class of reckless drivers, much to the chagrin of law enforcement agencies.

Meanwhile, along with the addition of the dialogue option, the updated Pokemon Go version 1.3 also transforms the 'Nearby' feature into 'Sightings' as the game's developer Niantic continues to work on testing a new tracking system with a subset of users. The new feature points out Pokemon which have been sighted in the area.

In addition, the updated Pokemon Go version 1.3 also brings improvements to Throws; with accuracy adjustments having been made to the curve ball throw, and the 'Nice,' 'Great' and 'Excellent' throws now receiving the appropriate experience from the game.