Snapchat facing widespread backlash for ‘yellowface’ filter
Snapchat facing widespread backlash for ‘yellowface’ filter

Social media platform Snapchat is facing widespread criticism for a newly-launched 'yellowface' filter which promotes racist stereotypes of Asians.

The criticism being faced by Snapchat for the new 'yellowface' filter - which was launched earlier this week - marks the second widespread backlash which the company is facing for a filter in recent months. Earlier, in April, Snapchat was widely criticized for rolling out a Bob Marley filter which several people said was the equivalent of 'digital blackface.'

The 'yellowface' filter for which Snapchat is now facing backlash gives users the ability to turn their selfies into stereotypical Asian caricatures, complete with squinting eyes and a peculiarly rosy-cheeked complexion.

Snapchat users started expressing their displeasure with the new 'yellowface' filter on Tuesday. The users' disapproval of the new filter is chiefly rooted in the fact that it appears to be a cartoonish and insensitive depiction of Asians. In fact, of the critics of the 'yellowface' filter said in a Twitter post that it is "the most overly racist filter ever."

Meanwhile, in the wake of the backlash, Snapchat said in a Wednesday statement that the 'yellowface' filter was an "anime-inspired Lens" which has "expired." Snapchat further added that the Lens "won't be put back into circulation," and said: "Lenses are meant to be playful and never to offend."