T-Mobile and Sprint are bringing affordable unlimited data plans

In an announcement made via their respective press releases on Thursday, US wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint said that they are reintroducing affordable unlimited data plans for their customers.

The announcements by T-Mobile and Sprint that they are bringing unlimited data plans back from extinction implies that the two carriers will offer competing unlimited data plans to wireless customers who are willing to relinquish video quality.

Highlighting the fact that the cost of the unlimited data plans will be substantially lower than what wireless customers currently pay for unlimited data, T-Mobile said in its announcement that it would stop selling monthly data packages, where as Sprint announced that it is reducing the charges for its unlimited service.

T-Mobile and Sprint have announced nearly identical pricing for unlimited data plans. As such, for ascertaining which service offers better value, a number of factors will have to be taken into consideration, including the number of people in the plan, location of customers' residence and workplace, and whether customers would use their handset phone as a mobile hotspot.

Specifically speaking, the T-Mobile unlimited data plan starts at $70 a month for first customer; $50 a month for the second line; and $20 a month for additional lines up to eight, with auto-pay turned on. The Sprint plan, on the other hand, begins at $60 a month for the first customer; $40 for the second line; and $30 for each additional line up to five total subscribers.