Google hires Shaun Stewart as the new director at its self-driving car division

According to a Reuters report, tech giant Google has hired Airbnb's high-profile executive Shaun Stewart as the new director at its self-driving car division.

Google's hiring of Stewart comes a few weeks after the departure of Chris Urmson earlier this month. Urmson was the Chief Technical Officer and public spokesman of Google's self-driving car project, which he led till 2015, until the appointment of John Krafcik - CEO of Hyundai Motor America - as the new CEO of the self-driving car division.

Stewart -- whose entire career chiefly spans in the hospitality industry -- is the former head of Airbnb's vacation rentals business. Prior to his stint at Airbnb, he was the CEO at TripAdvisor.

As per the Reuters report, the hiring of Stewart by Google underscores an interesting move by the company, especially since his key responsibility as the head of the self-driving car division will be to help with the commercialization of Google's self-driving technology.

With Krafcik and Stewart at the helm at Google's self-driving unit, it is apparent that the unit is now being spearheaded by two high-profile executives who have more experience in commercializing vehicles as compared to Urmson, who has an academic research background instead of one related to the service industry.