Google announces 4K version of its Chromecast streaming device
Google announces 4K version of its Chromecast streaming device

During the course of the Google Pixel launch event in San Francisco on Tuesday, Google announced a new 4K version of its hugely popular Chromecast streaming dongle. The new version of Chromecast is called 'Chromecast Ultra.'

In announcing the new Chromecast Ultra streaming device, Google also disclosed its pricing and availability details. The device will become available for purchase in 15 countries across the world in November; and will be priced at $69 in the US.

According to Google, the small new Chromecast Ultra streaming dongle will offer much better image quality as compared to the current $35 Chromecast; thanks largely to its capability to stream 4K and HDR videos.

At launch, Chromecast Ultra will be capable of streaming 4K content from YouTube, Netflix, and Vudu. However, from November, the device will also be able to stream 4K content from Google Play TV and Movies store. In addition, the device will also support HDR content --- HDR10 as well as Dolby Vision formats.

Touting the Chromecast Ultra streaming device as the fastest Chromecast, irrespective of whether the users have 4K TV or not, Google said that the device will load videos 1.8 times faster than the current Chromecast, chiefly because of improved Wi-Fi connectivity. Meanwhile, for Chromecast Ultra users whose Wi-Fi connections may not be able to handle 4K streams, Google has also included an Ethernet port on the power adapter.