Samsung Singapore: ‘Blue Coral’ Galaxy S7 Edge will be launched on Nov. 5
Samsung Singapore: ‘Blue Coral’ Galaxy S7 Edge will be launched on Nov. 5

According to Samsung Singapore, a 'Blue Coral' color option for Samsung's flagship Galaxy S7 Edge big-screen smartphone will be launched by the company next month. The disclosure implies that Samsung is apparently moving on from its Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

The Galaxy S7 Edge handset -- for which Samsung will soon be launching a 'Blue Coral' color option -- is one of the two variants of Samsung's current flagship handset; the other one being its smaller counterpart, the Galaxy S7.

In disclosing the imminent availability of the 'Blue Coral' Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Singapore said that one of the most liked color options of the Galaxy handset is being rehashed by Samsung; and added that the 'Blue Coral' option for Galaxy S7 Edge will become available to potential buyers with effect from November 5.

However, since the news of the 'Blue Coral' Galaxy S7 Edge has come from Samsung Singapore, it is quite possible that the new color option for the handset may not become available in the US on the mentioned date.

Nonetheless, revealing that Samsung has "announced the retail availability of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 4G+ in Blue Coral," Samsung Singapore said : "Currently available in Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Pink Gold, the new color variant of the Galaxy S7 edge 4G+ features a refined design coupled with powerful functionality while encased in a cool blue hue."