Niantic rolling out a new update for Pokémon GO mobile game

In a brief, 30-second video recently posted on the Pokémon GO YouTube channel, Niantic Labs has revealed that it is rolling out a new update for the popular mobile game, unfolding some Pokémon-specific bonuses for gamers.

According to the video, one of the bonuses which will be part of the new update to the Pokémon GO game - which presently is available for iOS and Android devices - will be a special Halloween event, which is scheduled to take place between October 26 and November 1.

In addition to the special Halloween event, which is just round the corner, the new Pokémon GO update released by Niantic will bring about an increase in rare Pokémon drop rate; with psychic and ghost types to appear more recurrently.

The update will also come with another bonus which will involve an increase in candy drop rate; as a result of which more candy will drop and will become available at Pokestops.

Along with announcing the new update to Pokémon GO mobile game, Niantic also said in its recent announcement that, between October 21 and November 1, rare Pokémon - like Haunter and Gengar - will be available for gamers more often than usual, as will rare ghost-type Pokémon Zubat and Gastly. Moreover, psychic types -- such as Drowzee and Hypno -- will also be available in great quantity for a limited time in Pokémon GO.