Phil Schiller: New MacBook Pro is Apple’s fastest selling Pro laptop

During the course of a recent interview with The Independent, Phil Schiller -- Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing -- said that the new MacBook Pro laptop, which was introduced by Apple at an event last week, is the fastest selling Pro laptop from Apple.

Asserting that a lot of people have shown as much excitement about the new MacBook Pro as Apple itself, Schiller told The Independent that Apple is proud to announce that the orders for the new MacBook Pro in the company's online store "so far" have surpassed the orders for any other Pro laptop in the past.

Meanwhile, even though the new MacBook Pro is a light and powerful notebook, it comes with a number of different compromises, because of which it is hardly the perfect MacBook Pro upgrade which many hardcore Mac users were expecting from Apple.

As such, despite the great overall looks of the new MacBook Pro, Apple has been facing a strong backlash for the update.

The key complaints voiced by people with regard to the new MacBook Pro are the expensive price-tag -- the base 13-inch model costs a whopping $1,500 -- along with the lack of the Escape key, the lack of a powerful GPU in the
15-inch variant, the lack of a MagSafe port and the lack of an SD card slot. Moreover, since the new MacBook Pro has four Thunderbolt 3 ports, users have to use dongles for their existing devices.