Snapchat rolls out new update to include ‘World Lenses’ feature

In an announcement made on Tuesday, Snapchat ephemeral messaging app said that it is rolling out an extension of the popular face-altering Lenses feature which was unveiled by the company in 2015.

Snapchat's new take on the Lenses feature - which allows Snapchat users to use animated overlays for embellishing their photos and videos - comes as part of the app's latest update; and is called 'World Lenses.'

The rollout of the new set of Lenses options by Snapchat underscores a notable move by the company, which has reinforced the fact that the company has efforts underway to blur the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.

The key difference between Snapchat's new 'World Lenses' feature - which underscores effects that overlay virtual objects in photos and videos - and its original Lenses feature is that while Lenses mainly focused on the user's face, World Lenses includes options for decorating the entire photo or video, not just the user's face.

For accessing the new 'World Lenses' feature, Snapchat users will have to open the Snapchat app to its camera screen, and activate the lenses - and select one - by tapping in the middle of the screen.