Security firm discovers app-installing malware in over 1M Android devices

Security firm Check Point has revealed in a recently released report that it has discovered a new app-installing malware in more than 1 million Android-powered mobile devices.

The new malware campaign has been named 'Googlian' by Check Point.

According to the details shared by Check Point in its report, the 'Googlian' malware campaign first surfaced in August this year; and is presently compromising nearly 13,000 Android devices per day.

Check Point has further elaborated that the 'Googlian' malware campaign works in such a way that the authentication tokens are stolen from infected devices for breaching data from a number of Google programs including Gmail, Google Play, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Drive, and G Suite, among others.

The app-installing malware reported by Check Point targets vulnerabilities in three versions of the Android mobile operating system --- Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Marshmallow. The malware appears to spread through evidently legitimate apps in third-party app stores.

The Check Point report has also revealed that more than half of the Android devices hit by the malicious app-installing software are in Asia, where third-party app stores are predominantly popular.