Apple is reportedly ready to use drones to improve its maps

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is preparing to use a fleet of survey drones in an effort to bring about a drastic elevation in the status of Apple Maps.

The report, based on the information shared by an unidentified source, has revealed that Apple's move to use a fleet of survey drones -- which Apple is getting ready to use for improving Apple Maps substantially -- is basically aimed at challenging rival Google's map monopoly.

With 2012-launched Apple Maps currently lagging behind Google Maps in terms of content, Apple's decision to use drones for enhancing Apple Maps marks one of the latest initiatives to be undertaken by the company to make its much-slandered Maps service much better than it is today.

Going by the revelations from the Bloomberg source, the survey drones to be used by Apple will join the company's existing line of camera-equipped minivans. With the help of the new drone fleet, Apple will basically provide on- the-fly travel updates to Apple Maps users, by recording changes to road conditions and tracking construction areas.

The Bloomberg source has also revealed that Apple is working with a team of experts to fly drones for collecting street data required for improving Apple Maps. Towards that end, the company is first trying to gain approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for employing its new drone fleet.