AT&T CEO vows not to restrict Time Warner's TV content from rivals after merger

At a Wednesday hearing before the Senate judiciary subcommittee on antitrust, Randall Stephenson - the CEO of bigwig US wireless carrier AT&T - promised that AT&T will not restrict Time Warner's TV content from rivals after the massive $85 billion merger of the two companies comes through.

Stephenson specifically said at a hearing: "We will not withhold content to disadvantage someone else."

The noteworthy promise by Stephenson to AT&T rivals was made during the Senate judiciary subcommittee hearing, at which Stephenson and other AT&T executives were questioned about the company's proposed acquisition of Time Warner in a whopping $85 billion deal.

The deal, upon receiving due approval from the Justice Department and other regulators, will mark the merger of one of the US' biggest telecom companies with a content giant that owns Warner Bros, HBO, CNN, TBS, and TNT.

The benefits of the proposed AT&T-Time Warner merger were touted by Stephenson who drew attention to AT&T's recent introduction of DirecTV Now and said: "We believe this is what consumers want: new lower priced option and the power to decide for themselves." Stephenson also added alongside that AT&T would support independent journalism and distribute a range of diverse voices.