Microsoft announces Surface Hub try-and-buy program

Software giant Microsoft has announced a new try-and-buy program for its gigantic Surface Hub PC, to give customers the ability to try out the Hub before actually purchasing it.

The super-sized Surface Hub PC has largely been designed as an attention-grabbing device for conference rooms, for use while video conferencing, collaboration, and digital whiteboarding. The Hub is available in two screen sizes, 55 inches and 84 inches, which are respectively priced at $8,999 and $21,999.

Under the Hub try-and-buy program, which is available only to business customers through resellers, a Surface Hub PC can be purchased from a Microsoft store; and up to five Surface devices can be tried by each business customer for a period of 30 days. The customers will have to pay a small shipping and installation fee which will be determined by resellers.

The Hub try-and-buy program is not available to average buyers, and not at retail locations. Initially, the program is being rolled out in the US and Europe soon, and will later be expanded to the Asia-Pacific region.

In announcing the new Hub try-and-buy program, Microsoft also said that the reseller program has also be restructured by the company, so as to enable customers to conveniently purchase the Hub and have it set up and serviced by one partner; thereby sparing them the hassle of going to different partners for purchase and installation.