Cyanogen will cease all operations by the end of 2016

In a recent announcement, Cyanogen, Inc. has disclosed that it will shut down all its operations by the end of 2016. The announcement implies that services and servers related to Cyanogen's nightly builds will soon be shuttered, and no security updates will be rolled out in the future.

Cyanogen is the company responsible for the commercialization of the open-source CyanogenMod project.

The announcement by Cyanogen that it is shuttering the development of its CyanogenOS by at the end of the year means that handsets running the CyanogenOS - such as the first-generation OnePlus handset - will have to switch to the OS' Open Source version which will apparently continue.

In announcing that Cyanogen's nightly builds will cease at the year-end, Cyanogen said that the move to shut down CyanogenMod - which exists as an independent entity from Cyanogen - is rooted in the technical and potential legal issues which might follow, and added that the spirit of the project will persist in a new "grass roots" effort dubbed 'Lineage.'

Meanwhile, the imminent shutdown of Cyanogen's operations at the end of 2016 is being described by the CyanogenMod team as "[a] death blow."