Arkansas police seeks data from Amazon Echo device for murder case

In a development which marks a new era of sorts for the Internet of Things (IoT) category of connected devices, detectives in an Arkansas murder case have sought a search warrant asking bigwig online retailer Amazon to hand over data -- audio or records -- from an Echo device belonging to the suspected murderer.

Reporting the noteworthy development, The Information has revealed that police authorities in Bentonville, Arkansas, have issued a warrant for Amazon, for viewing or hearing the content of commands or sounds supposedly recorded by an Echo owned by James Andrew Bates.

The murder case in which the Bentonville police authorities are seeking Echo data from Amazon dates back to 2015. The murder, of Victor Collins, took place in Bates' home there were a number of IoT devices, including the Echo.

Bates has been charged with first-degree murder for the death of Victor Collins, and is set to go to trial in 2017.

Meanwhile, opposing the Bentonville police's search warrant to get hold of data from the Echo device in Bates' home, defense attorney Kimberly Weber said that data from IoT devices should not be used against people in criminal cases; and added: "You have an expectation of privacy in your home, and I have a big problem that law enforcement can use the technology that advances our quality of life against us."