Google Now Launcher reportedly to be pulled from Play Store

The Google Now Launcher, which offers Android users a simple, stock home screen, will be pulled from the Google Play Store in first quarter of 2017, according to Android Police.

Available since 2014, Google Now Launcher app has been a good option for those who have a skinned handset and want something looking like Google's Android. After installing the app, the users get a home screen with the company's predictive Google Now cards integrated in it.

Android Police reported that that the company has started sending out emails to OEM partners declaring that the app in question will be discontinued in the first quarter of this year.

However, users who have already installed Google Now Launcher will be able to continue to use it, though the app will no longer be available on the Play Store.

It was also reported that devices shipped after March 1st with the Google Now Launcher won't be approved, and devices launched with the app before that date will offer the app.

The company actually has two home screen apps on its Play Store, viz. the Google Now Launcher and the Pixel Launcher. The Google Now Launcher is the stock launcher on the Nexus phones, while the Pixel Launcher is an exclusive app for the Pixel and Pixel XL.