T-Mobile obtains FCC’s approval for deploying LTE-U technology

T-Mobile obtains FCC’s approval for deploying LTE-U technology

Telecommunications giant T-Mobile USA has gained regulatory approval to deploy a new LTE technology over the same 5GHz frequencies that are used by Wi-Fi.

The U. S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorized the company's plan for launching the first LTE-U devices after the company assured the regulator that cellular network use of the 5GHz frequencies will not interfere with existing Wi-Fi networks.

Immediately after gaining the approval, T-Mobile said, "With LTE-U, starting this spring, T-Mobile customers will be able to tap into the first 20MHz of underutilized unlicensed spectrum on the 5GHz band and use it for additional LTE capacity."

The company added that the FCC's decision in favor of launching the LTE-U technology will help it achieve its aim of providing its customers with gigabit LTE speeds.

The telecommunication services provider will first deploy the LTE-U technology from Nokia and Ericsson, which have their equipment certified by the federal regulator.

Verizon is also planning to seek FCC's permission for deploying the LTE-U technology. In September last year, the company announced that it was eager to deploy the new technology and develop an equipment testing plan.