Massive Fish Kill Investigation at Pymatuning Still Going On

FishPark officers at Pymatuning Lake are still carrying out inspection into the cause of massive fish kill this holiday.

But that has not stopped a few people from visiting and enjoying the park. Up to now, on the Pennsylvania side, they have the okay sign to swim. Signs say that Pymatuning Lake is open for swimming, but the beaches are not crowded as usual following news broke two weeks previously regarding a lakewide fish kill.

No less than 5,000 fish have died on the Pennsylvania and Ohio sides of Pymatuning. A do-not-eat fish recommendation is effective for both sides and Ohio's beaches are yet not open for swimming.

Pennsylvania Park Manager, Pete Houghton said that numerous testing have been done on the water for quality reasons. He said that they have also taken fish samples to federal and state laboratories plus to Cornell University.

Houghton is of the opinion that the cause of fish kill seems to be but natural, as lakes in Pennsylvania and West Virginia are going through similar experience.

Dramatic climatic changes could possibly be the reasons contributing to the situation.

At the present time, a lot of park goers have planned to carry on fishing at the lake. They are putting their catch suspended until they are specified the all-clear sign by officers.