Pathologists Failed to Process Tests for Lack of Equipment

PathologistsA dearth of equipments is hindering many pathologists from processing tests and conditions like cancer, cholera, and HIV are going undiagnosed due to this. Dr. Francis Bannick is working as the head of pathology at the Angau Memorial Hospital. The lab provides testing services for the city of Lae, and the northern part of the country.

But, patients are dying because of lack of equipment, as they waited for long for their results which did not come back from Port Moresby General Hospital, shared Dr. Bannick.

He left no stone unturned to raise the issue with the health department, but in vain, though he is very much aware of the fact that there is no money to buy the equipment. Dr. Bannick said, “Donor funding is coming in to Papua New Guinea Health Department, or even they’re carrying out programs like TB, malaria, HIV. They’re pouring money into the department and other NGO groups”.

He added that the authorities are failing to put money into diagnostic facilities, but diseases cannot be diagnosed without the laboratory services.

The hospital should be processing about 4,000 to 5,000 tests annually, according to Dr. Bannick.