Welsh Shoppers to Face 7 Pence Fine for Carrying Plastic Bag from Next Year

Welsh ShoppersMaking the Welsh shoppers, first in Britain to face a compulsory charge for carrier bags, Environment Minister Jane Davidson said that a 7 Pence toll will be imposed on the use of single use plastic bags.

This is being done in order to stop dumping of these plastic bags in landfill sites.

Terming the plastic bags to be "an iconic symbol of the throwaway society in which we live", Ms. Davidson said that 7 Pence is a high enough charge that will possibly motivate the customers to change their shopping, at the same time the charge also makes sure that impulse shopping is not affected.

Talking to the Radio Wales' Oliver Hides, she stated that the charge will be made functional by next spring.

The charges were also confirmed by the Assembly, yesterday. Now, shoppers will have to pay seven Pence for every carrier bag that they use, by spring 2011.

It is expected that the charge will lessen the 400 million single use carrier bags that are presently used in Wales annually.

According to the new proposal that awaits the affirmation from a second round of consultation, the exception will be with the bags that are used to carry unpackaged food or pharmacy medicines.

The earned gains will be passed on to environmental or community projects and £3 million out of it will be funding some social cause.